Cyber Essentials

AN4 Group Ltd Maintains Cyber Essentials Accreditation

AN4 Group Ltd have been certified by QG Management Standards to the UK Government backed Cyber Essentials Scheme since January 2018.

In June 2014 and in conjunction with the Information Assurance for Small & Medium Enterprises (IASME) and the Information Security Forum (ISF), the UK Government developed Cyber Essentials.  Organisations bidding for contracts handling sensitive/personal information are required to be certified by this scheme.

Certification demonstrates an organisation’s ability to mitigate risk and reduce vulnerability from cyber attacks not only providing a degree of peace of mind for the certified organisation but the very same down the supply chain. 

The Cyber Essentials Scheme offers a core set of security controls within a standardised assurance framework and is backed by industry including the Federation of Small Businesses and CBI.