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Electronic Noticeboards

Electronic notice boards typically consist of a digital LCD display screen mounted in either portrait or landscape mode, connected to a PC or a digital signage solution.

Dedicated digital signage solutions such as the Navaho mDIS have significant advantages over a PC:

  • Lower power devices – use only 10W compared to over 60W for a PC
  • Secure operating system – no viruses or Windows error messages
  • Easy to setup and maintain – no need to continually patch or update
  • Can be programmed to turn screens off when not in use

Take a look at how you can use Navaho mDIS to display and manage your information here

Multimedia Displays

Electronic message boards (sometimes called eboards or e-boards) can be used to display a wide variety of media including video, slide shows, RSS text tickers, live TV and video feeds, local and external web sites.

With Navaho mDIS, your electronic notice board can also display information from other computer systems within an organisation, such as:

  • Call statistics from a PBX in a call centre
  • Railway Depot e-boards showing track use and health & safety information
  • Wayfinding, meeting room booking and floor map displays for hotels and events
  • Pupil information, such as birthdays, from a school SIMs database
  • Flight or train passenger information in an airport or railway station
  • Important events or appointments from a calendar system
  • Alerts or warnings from a monitoring system

Instant Information Distribution

One of the major benefits of an electronic notice board is the instant distribution of information. Navaho mDIS is completely managed via an easy to use web interface, which can be accessed by any PC or Mac on your network without having to install any extra software.

This allows staff to login to the mDIS system and instantly update media or messages being displayed on the electronic notice board, even if they are on the other side of a campus – or if Internet connected, the other side of the world!

Find out more about Navaho mDIS and its applications here.