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Electronic Notice Board Applications

Navaho mDIS solutions can be used for electronic notice boards across many different applications, examples include:

Reception Area Displays

Electronic notice boards are ideal for school, business, hotel and other reception areas. They can be used to display personalised greeting messages for clients, or provide notices and information for visitors.

Call Centre Wallboards

Call centres have traditionally used scrolling LED electronic message boards, which are very limited in terms of the information they can display. Navaho mDIS electronic notice boards can not only display call statistics on the screen, but also messages for staff, product information and graphs of performance and targets.

Passenger Information

Basic electronic notice boards are commonly used as passenger information systems in airports, ferry terminals and railway and bus stations. Navaho mDIS provides more than just one-dimensional timetabling, by interweaving passenger information with onward journey planning, local advertising and general messages. For on-vehicle notice boards, Navaho mDIS can also be used to display this/next stop information, location maps, live TV or CCTV/outside camera views.

Wayfinding and Meeting Room Signs

Digital wayfinding allows hotels, conference & exhibition centres and large corporates to enhance customer experience and satisfaction. Navaho mDIS provides a dynamic wayfinding solution for signs in reception areas, foyers, hallways and meeting rooms. Customers can be quickly shown the way to appointments and meetings with automatic directional signage. Once a meeting has been booked into the central system, prior to the meeting start, all wayfinder displays will show directional signage for the meeting, with customisable client logos. The meeting room screen itself will display a message showing who the meeting is booked for and the duration of the meeting.

Electronic Notice Board Advantages

Electronic notice boards have many advantages when compared to traditional paper-based notice boards or posters. These advantages include:

  • Instant information updates – no need to place notices or posters.
  • Environmentally friendly – reduce paper and printer toner usage and costs
  • Live information – can link to other computer systems for live information Relevant notices – set an expiry date to ensure notices are always up to date

Management and Monitoring

For larger sites, Navaho mDIS can be configured to provide content mirroring, so that all media and messages are centrally managed.

Different groups can be configured, and each digital electronic notice board screen can be allocated into a specific group, allowing content to be created and targeted to user groups or geographical locations.

Plugin Expansion

Whilst Navaho mDIS provides all the facilities you might require for setting up an eye-catching noticeboard, some customers may have specific requirements for their electronic notice boards which are not provided as standard.

For these sites Navaho offers a number of software plugins which extend the Navaho mDIS solution’s capabilities.

The electronic notice board applications below are a small sample of our available offerings and bespoke plugins can be designed upon request.

  • Flight Information System and Arrival/Departure gate messaging
  • Education plugin for reception, canteen, staff room and student messaging
  • Property database interface and window display for Estate Agents
  • Dynamic digital wayfinding for hotels, conference centres and exhibition halls