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Navaho’s innovative digital information display solutions provide fully customisable dynamic content across rugged LCD digital displays.

The solution, known as “mDIS (modular Display Information Solutions)” is ideal for a wide range of applications where information sharing is required.

From pushing content through internal electronic noticeboards and wayfinding screens, to providing live passenger information across multiple vehicles and transport hubs, key information is delivered quickly and seamlessly.

Information Distribution

One of the major benefits of an electronic notice board is the instant distribution of information. mDIS is completely managed via an easy to use web interface, which can be accessed by any PC or Mac on your network without having to install any extra software.

mDIS for Transportation

mDIS can display route ladders, journey times, This Stop and Next Stop information, safety announcements such as “mind the gap”, live traffic information, interchange and connection information and related transport timetables.

mDIS for Hospitality

mDIS can not only provide wayfinding and directional information, but it can also be linked to existing third-party hospitality scheduling software options (such as NFS) or combined with proprietary diary/calendar software.

Project Design

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