mDIS for Health & Safety – AN4 Group Ltd

mDIS for Health and Safety

The Health & Safety module allows critical safety information to be displayed to a workforce in a clear and unmissable way. Specific templates are available to show important updates such as days since last accident and fire evacuation information, Navaho can even customise templates to match your company’s brand identity

mDIS for Health and Safety supports organisations in reporting compliance as it provides an audit of what messaging has been shown, how long it has been shown for and how many times it has been shown. This allows companies to demonstrate good governance and ensure that all employees have a chance to see all relevant Health and Safety information.

Screens used within an organisation can also be zoned to ensure only specific and relevant Health and Safety messages are shown – for example fire evacuation points, PPE reminders and manual handling can be shown on factory screens, whilst fire evacuation points could be shown in the office along with correct seating positions at desks.

As with all additional modules, mDIS for Health & Safety can play a number of different media types such as video, music and images.